Mullingar Tennis and Badminton Club
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Membership Categories:
Senior,  Family,  Student (Full time 3rd Level over 18 & under 25),  Senior Citizen (over 65) and  Junior (under 18)

* PLEASE NOTE:  New Junior Membership Applicants and Junior Renewals must complete a separate Medical Consent Form which is available at the Clubhouse or will be provided by the Membership Secretary.  Membership cannot be confirmed unless this form has been received by the Membership Secretary.

Membership Fees
Senior  -  €200
Family  -  €320
Student  -  €80
Senior Citizen  -  €100
Junior  -  €20 (under 7)
Junior  -  €80 (under 18)
Student  -  €80

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Please include both adult family members if applying for or renewing Family Membership
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Required for Junior, Student and Senior Citizen membership categories.
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Do you agree to accept and comply with all Rules and Regulations of Mullingar Tennis and Badminton Club?
For new applicants, membership will be confirmed for the current membership year (1st April to 31st March) by email after review of your completed application form and receipt of payment due.

Payment Details:
Bank of Ireland, Mullingar
Sort Code:  90 18 53
Account No.: 15744635
IBAN:  IE11BOFI90185315744635

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Contact Details:
Mullingar Tennis and Badminton Club
Austin Friar Street
Mullingar N91 X663


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